Spiral Goddess - various colours

Spiral Goddess - various colours
  • Spiral Goddess - various colours
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This is an image of the Spiral Goddess, an ancient symbol of feminine power. May it be her menstrual cycle, her sexual desires, her reproductive organs, her pregnancy, or the flow of her chakra from the core out to the world, the Spiral Goddess leaves it all in plain view of everything that makes her special, unique, and strong. The Spiral Goddess stands steadfast and claims her entire being. Her hands held above her head in celebration of life. This goddess is made from amber streaky art glass, she has an iridescent amber head. There are matching beads on a strong stainless wire for hanging.



  • symbol of feminine power

  • amber streaky art glass

  • wire work spiral

  • silver coloured finish

  • matching beads

  • strong stainless steel braided wire for hanging



Size: 21.5 x 6 cm

Shipping: size 1

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